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Tour Planning

"...The trip took me beyond what I could have developed as a holiday for myself...The combination of reading list, lecture series, local guides, itinerary and excursions plus the stimulation of getting to know like minded passengers over the two week period – together created a really delightful experience.”

 - Caroline, South Australia

Your Goals

Our staff can help you determine and achieve your goals for your travel program. Is it primarily for donor cultivation or directly earning revenue, or a combination of the two?

With Eos Study Tours, your institution’s staff is not burdened by the complex details of administering each trip, and you are free to focus on enhancing the educational program and cultivating your donors.

Study tours led by your institution’s scholars will most likely attract affluent (usually age 50+) travelers, an ideal demographic group for donor cultivation.

Traveling Abroad
Where in the world

Eos helps you select destinations with your administrators and study leaders, and we can assist you with the management of your study leaders and setting the terms and policies for their complimentary travel arrangements.

Working with your staff, Eos will design itineraries around themes and subject areas that underscore the educational excellence of your institution. Special site visits, meetings, and “behind-the-scenes” activities will set your travel program apart.


We offer educational travel programs to a wide array of destinations and we have planned behind-the-scenes excursions at museums, closed areas at sites, and even to sunken ships (e.g., the R.M.S. Titanic) and deep sea vents.

Eos staff has managed educational travel programs to more than seventy countries, many of which Eos staff have personally visited.

Eos includes you and your study leaders

We will coordinate with your study leaders, suggest a schedule of formal lectures, arrange welcome and farewell receptions (where appropriate), assist in the planning of special meetings and behind-the scenes events, and help develop reading/media guides to provide to your participants.

Themes and Subject Areas

Eos provides a platform to showcase the expertise and educational excellence of your institution’s scholars. Our staff has worked with scholars who are experts in wide-ranging disciplines.

“I would never have appreciated the full experience without your lecturer and guide to explain the meaning of the things we saw…both very patient and willing to share their knowledge.”   Rhoda, Maryland


What are the price points of your travel program? For example, do you wish to offer moderate cost, premium or ultra-deluxe tours? Or, might a combination of differently-priced tours be appropriate for your diverse alumni or members? We will work with you to determine the right combination. Our competitive tour prices help you earn substantial revenue while Eos bears the costs of overhead, planning, marketing and operating each tour.

Earned Income Trips

Many institutions consider earned income from commissions to be an important goal of their educational travel program. Earning revenue from your educational tours necessitates offering alumni and members cutting-edge tours at competitive prices. Eos designs trips at three different price points: Ultra-Deluxe, Premium, and Moderate Cost.

Eos pays the expenses of overhead, planning, designing and managing your institution’s travel program. Your institution will earn commission/royalty on the gross revenue received by Eos from your institution’s travelers, regardless of whether or not Eos loses money on any trip.

There is great transparency in this simple business model: Eos covers expenses and pays your institution commissions based on gross revenue. Routine reports from us provide your institution with clear oversight of your travel program.

“All of this represents a value of over one million dollars benefit to The Explorers Club without any expenditure made by it. This is an amazing result for an organization that has only about 3,000 members worldwide.”

Don Walsh, Captain USN (ret.), PhD, Honorary President, The Explorers Club

Donor Trips

For over 30 years, Eos Study Tours staff has been custom-designing donor trips that underscore the best attributes and scholarly strengths of educational institutions.

Because donors are particularly valuable they require extra special trips and personal attention.

Donor trips help identify new donor prospects and cultivate existing ones, creating a strong, life-long affinity with your institution.

Small Groups by Land, Sea and Air

Eos offers your institution small-group, educational tours by land, small ship, or private aircraft, or by a combination of all three.

Land Trips
Land trips range in size from 10-25 participants (with an average of 12-18). Because of the limited size, we can offer a more complete itinerary in terms of locations as well as more specialized tours like walking, hiking or biking.

Cruises are only aboard small, elegant ships ranging in size from just 17 to 200 cabins. These smaller ships are able to go where many larger vessels cannot.

Private air programs
Private air programs can be aboard turbo jets with eight to 30 seats or privately chartered commercial jets configured with 78 first-class seats.

All at no cost to your organization!

“Every moment was beautifully orchestrated.
All of the staff, no matter what position, were superb.”

- Richard, Alexandia, Virginia

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