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Guest Services

With your travelers every step of the way
Guest Services will take care of everything

From initial contact and questions about each tour to taking reservations; from accepting deposits and invoicing to collecting payments for final balances; and from mailing instructions and travel details to providing name badges and luggage tags; our guest services team will be the point of contact for any and all questions and communications throughout the process.

Passenger payments

Eos processes all passenger deposits and final invoices and places all passenger payments in protected bank accounts; there is no co-mingling of passenger payments. Learn more about Eos Study Tours’ Risk Management Plan


Passenger mailings and documentation
  • Eos prepares passenger mailings with packing suggestions, visa requirements, expected weather conditions, medical advice from the Centers for Disease Control, medical forms (in case of emergency), final itineraries, participant lists, etc.

  • Eos prepares and sends final pre-trip documents, including airline tickets (when applicable), final itinerary, arrival instructions, emergency contact information, luggage tags, document wallets, name badges, etc.

  • Eos sends every participant a detailed post-trip evaluation.

All at no cost to your organization!

“We are so fortunate to have booked our trip with AIA. You have done a terrific job...I am very impressed with how you have handled [the tour cancellation]. We will for sure use AIA for our trips in the future...Your association is very reputable, which we appreciate.”

 - Louis, California (AIA Tours traveler, 2020)

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