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30 years of

Affinity Travel Management

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Eos Study Tours will plan, market, and operate your educational travel program at little to no cost to you.
Donor cultivation and earning revenue are the twin financial goals of educational travel programs designed for an institution’s alumni or members

Tour Planning

We work with your organization's study leaders to customize tours that would align with your group's ideals while keeping you in the loop with reports on reservations and revenue.


Through printing/mailing and online and social media marketing, we will promote each educational travel program under your institution’s name and trademark.

Guest Services

Our guest services team will assist with all travel questions and reservations. We will process payments and mail travel documents and information for each tour. 

Tour Operations
& More

We meticulously vet and contract land- and small-ship operators from around the world, coordinating all site visits, transportation, accommodations, and dining arrangements.

Risk management

For more than 30 years Eos Study Tours staff has dealt successfully with the vicissitudes of international travel. We have adapted to a changing world environment: pandemics, oil price increases, currency devaluations, terrorism, piracy, wars, revolutions, and so on.

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