For over 30 years the Eos Study Tours team has been designing and managing superb learning adventures for many of North America’s most prestigious institutions.
Eos can design and manage individual tours for you, providing special features that set your travel program apart. Or, we can assist you with planning and managing your entire travel program; we have built four non-profit travel programs from scratch and we have been entrusted to manage ten organizations’ complete travel programs.

Eos Study Tours will support your organization by:

  • Collaborating with your institution’s administrators and scholars to create fascinating trips; we have worked with over 1,000 scholars on trips to over 100 countries.

  • Enhancing your identity, putting your institution’s “brand” front and center.

  • Assisting in nurturing donors.

  • Paying for the administration, marketing, and operating expenses of your travel program(s).

  • Paying your institution commissions based on the gross revenue.

  • Providing your institution with a comprehensive risk management plan.

Eos Study Tours can help you and your institution provide the highest quality educational tours for your members and alumni. Please contact us to discuss our services and tours at eos@studytours.org or call toll-free 800-856-8951.

Eos \
n: the Greek goddess of dawn. The root eo has long been favored by both poets and scientists signifying "the dawn" and "new horizons."


Homer wrote of Eos as a glorious goddess that was “ruby fingered and saffron robed” as she rose in the East and greeted the warriors on the Trojan plains. Paleontologists have also often used the root, for example, Eocene meaning “the Dawn of Mammals,” and Eohippus, “the first horse.”

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Todd Nielsen
Co-Founder and Director

Eos Study Tours Co-founder, President, and Director Todd Nielsen has been managing educational travel programs for elite institutions for over 30 years. He works closely with organizations’ administrators to define goals and develop strategies for engaging alumni and members through international educational trips. He works closely with each organization’s scholars to develop itineraries that underscore their expertise. He oversee contracts with worldwide tour companies, risk management, itinerary development, marketing, and guest services with other Eos team members.

Over the last 30 years, Todd has served as Travel Director for over ten diverse institutions, responsible for all of their adult, international, educational travel programs. For 14 years, he directed the acclaimed travel program of the American Museum of Natural History. This was a program that lost $192,000 ($750,000 today) the year before became director of AMNH Discovery Tours in 1979. This was a model travel program emulated by many of the first non-profit travel programs in the USA.

Todd is a founding member of the Educational Travel Conference/Community (established in 1986), of which he is an Emeritus Council Advisor and where he has spoken on a wide range of issues concerning non-profit, educational travel. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Brown University. He graduated from Collegiate School (founded in 1633—the first school in North America). He attended Friends Seminary for elementary and middle school, the only Quaker school located in Manhattan. Todd has taught both at the New York Zoological Society (zoology/conservation) and the American Museum of Natural History (anthropology/archaeology). Todd has taken training programs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, and the American Museum of Natural History.

By the age of 35, Todd had planned educational trips to and personally visited all seven continents. He has visited over 70 countries, many of them multiple times. His lifelong passion has been to experience and learn rather than tick off another destination from a “bucket list.” He has worked closely with hundreds of scholars (both scientists and humanists) to ensure that each program was an engaging and enlightening trip for participants.

Patricia Dooley
Co-Founder & Business Manager

Patricia Dooley has been managing educational travel programs for elite institutions for over 35 years. She earned both her B.S. in Foreign Service and M.S. in Chinese (summa cum laude) from Georgetown University, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Throughout the 1980s, Patricia was responsible for the design, development, and successful administration of study tours for leading non-profit organizations across the U.S. Following many years in Washington, D.C., one year on fellowship in Taiwan and a few years in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, in 1993 Patricia moved permanently to the bucolic town of Walpole, NH close to where her older siblings had put down roots.

Successfully transitioning from right brain to left brain and urban to rural she now manages all financial matters such as payments to myriad domestic and international tour suppliers, accounting of all passenger tour invoices and payments, sponsoring organization quarterly earned income and royalty payments plus the usual in-house business of taxes and insurance, bookkeeping and payroll, HR matters, etc.  Patricia still loves to travel and has led and accompanied dozens of educational travel programs; she has traveled extensively worldwide, especially throughout Asia and Europe.

Lauren Cummings
Education & Program Manager

Lauren Cummings has been with Eos since 2001. At Eos, she is the primary liaison between study leaders and tour suppliers around the world, helping to prepare study leaders for their travels and to coordinate the educational programs of all land tours and voyages. Lauren has an M.A. in Classical Civilizations with a certificate in Museum Studies; and a B.A. in Anthropology, Classical Civilizations, and Sociology. She has traveled extensively worldwide, often with study tour groups. As a result, Lauren also assists with overall travel program planning, helps to refine and customize itineraries, and copyedits all marketing materials.

Brittany Walters
Guest Services Manager

Brittany Walters has been with Eos since 2010. At Eos, Brittany works closely with travelers to answers questions, take reservations and payments, and assists in the planning-to-travel process. She has traveled extensively and often with study tour groups. Brittany earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and during her junior year spent a semester studying abroad (cruising around the world) on the Semester at Sea program.

Emily Clever
Guest Services Coordinator

Emily Clever joined the Eos team in 2018. In her role at Eos, she works closely with travelers before they embark on their adventure. She answers questions, takes reservations and assists in the planning-to-travel process. Emily has an M.A. in Sustainable Development and a B.S. in International Business Management. She has lived in four different countries (3 different continents) and travelled extensively across Europe and Western Africa.  Before joining Eos, Emily worked in social services for 11 years.

Kat Fulcher
Marketing Coordinator

Kat Fulcher joined the Eos team in 2018. At Eos, she is responsible for brochure design and pre-production. She is the webmaster for Eos and is responsible for the tour updates for client organizations as needed. Kat develops email marketing campaigns and strategies based on analytics and is responsible for beginning to grow the Eos social media and online presence. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and has been working as a graphic and web designer for more than 15 years. Additionally, Kat brings more than 10 years of marketing experience. Prior to joining the Eos team, she worked in media.

Laura Honey
Operations Manager

Laura Honey has been with Eos Study Tours since 2014. She works closely with all of Eos’s dozens of overseas and domestic tour suppliers, especially during the tour planning process. She works closely with the Director, copyeditor, and graphic designer to produce a print or digital brochure for every Eos tour, as well as various monthly and quarterly print and digital marketing pieces, to ensure success in launching our tour programs. She also monitors the production schedule of brochures and their associated mailing lists, and assists the Director with analyzing bookings on active programs to help determine marketing strategies. Prior to joining Eos, Laura graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in Turners Falls, Massachusetts, and worked for ten years as a manager overseeing five Vermont Color Photo Lab locations. She then worked for seventeen years as a Patient and Financial Coordinator and Administrative Assistant at a dental practice.

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