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Land, Sea, Bike and Hike
Tour operations

Eos meticulously vets and contracts tour and ship operators from around the world, coordinating  all site visits, transportation, accommodations, and dining arrangements.

Eos oversees the detailed operations schedule of each itinerary’s excursions, meetings, receptions, “behind-the-scenes” visits, etc.

Your tour is planned with most everything included allowing your participants to enjoy travel without the worry of anything else.

Your guests will explore destinations with expert local guides, often with audio headsets so they can hear clearly the guides and your study leader during each excursion.

A trip manager accompanies every tour to ensure that every carefully planned day runs smoothly and handles any adjustments that might need to be made.

All at no cost to your organization!
Fair Prices

We invite you to compare prices. With today’s internet search engine technology you (and your members/alumni) can compare trips rapidly, but this is still no simple task because of the many variables to take into account, such as: quality of accommodations, number and quality of included meals, number and quality of study leaders (if any), quality of trip managers and guides, and so on.

Eos strives to keep the tour prices in line with your organization's ideals to best suit your target donors, alumni or members. Our small, local team can offer these highly-specialized, inclusive trips at impeccable values with our established relationships and experience.   

“Our trip manager seemed to anticipate all things and made sure that the trip went off like clockwork; one needs a competent handler when on a trip of this complexity and he had everything well in hand allowing us to enjoy the sights…I would never attempt a trip of this complexity on my own, we were given great value and I will recommend this trip to anyone.”

- Sean and Zoe, Brisbane, California

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