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We invite you to join the Friends of the INSTAP Study Center for East Crete on a unique eight-night, luxury tour of Minoan archaeological sites and modern wineries working with legacy grapes on the beautiful island of Crete. Last summer I identified five exemplary vineyards to include on this tour, and over the winter Tom Brogan and Kostas Chalikias selected neighboring archaeological sites (Minoan, Greek, and Roman) that contribute to both our knowledge of the early history of winemaking and the heritage grapes that flourished here. Together, we pooled our many years of close association with the island to choose restaurants known not only for serving healthy Cretan cuisine, but also the wines that bring out the best in it. As a semi-retired archaeologist who has been a member of the Society of Wine Educators for over twenty years, we are eager to share our knowledge and passion with you next spring. 

- Al Leonard
President, Friends of INSTAP Study Center for East Crete

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