Planning and managing all aspects of an institution’s travel program

For over 30 years, we have been successfully working with many of North America’s most prestigious educational institutions. Every trip has been a study tour led by a scholar or team of scholars and always assisted by expert guides and trip managers. We have worked with over 1,000 scholars to over 100 countries.

Eos StudyTours has built four educational travel programs from scratch and has been entrusted to manage 10 organizations’ entire travel programs. Eos can manage for you either an entire educational travel program or specific individual tours.

  • Eos enhances your identity, putting your institution’s “brand” front and center.
  • Eos helps attract and nurture donors.
  • Eos pays for the administration, marketing and operating expenses while paying your institution commissions based on the gross revenue.
  • Eos provides your institution with a comprehensive risk management plan.
  • Eos staff collaborates with your institution’s scholars to create fascinating trips.

  • Please contact us to learn how Eos StudyTours can help your institution provide the highest quality educational tours for your members and alumni.

    Salute to Eos

    Don Walsh, Captain USN (ret), PhD Honorary President, The Explorers Club
    “It is my pleasure to offer this recommendation with respect to Eos Study Tours, an organization for which I have the highest respect… I would not hesitate to recommend Eos StudyTours to any organization that was initiating or seeking to upgrade their affiliation travel activities.”
    See full letter
    Nancy C. Wilkie, William H. Laird Professor of Classics, Anthropology and the Liberal Arts, Carleton College
    “It gives me great pleasure to recommend Todd Nielsen and Eos StudyTours to you. My acquaintance with the organization is long standing. In 1998, when I was elected President of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), the oldest and largest archaeological organization in North America and the publisher of Archaeology Magazine…” See full letter

    Elizabeth Bartman, Immediate Past President of the AIA
    “Dear Todd,
    Your ears may ring on January 2nd when I make a formal ‘thank you’ to you and AIA Tours for your ongoing support of the Institute. It’s also been a pleasure for me to work with you. You help us fulfill our mission of education and outreach, and we are tremendously grateful.
    With best wishes for 2014,